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Item Name: Yaesu VR-5000 communication receiver 0.1-2599.99998 Mhz
USD 695.00
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Item Code: VR-5000
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Yaesu VR-5000 communication receiver 0.1-2599.99998 Mhz


0.1 - 2599.99998 MHz LSB/USB/CW/AM-N/AM/WAM/FM-N/WFM All-Mode Wide-Band Receiver (*Cellular blocked)

The exciting world of communications monitoring, from Longwave to Shortwave to Microwave, comes to your home or station with Yaesu/'/s new VR-5000 Communications Receiver.

Professional features, professional ergonomics, and professional DSP-based selectivity are yours to enjoy today-and only from Yaesu!

Ultra-Convenient Auto-Mode Receiver
Despite its incredibly compact size, the VR-5000 provides coverage of 100 kHz through 2599.99998 MHz (cellular frequencies are blocked) on all popular operating modes: LSB, USB/ CW, AM-Narrow, AM, Wide AM, FM-Narrow, and Wide FM. Making operation simple and efficient is the “Auto” mode, whereby the tuning steps and operating mode are automatically programmed according to the frequency you have selected. You won’t miss those quick, important transmissions with the VR-5000!
Dual Receive
When monitoring on the “main” displayed frequency, you can simultaneously listen to a second station operating within 20 MHz of the main frequency in the AM and FM-Narrow modes. This can be especially helpful while monitoring public safety communications.
Preset Shortwave Broadcast Memory Bank
Featuring a handy world map showing the station’s location, the special Shortwave Broadcast Station Memory Bank includes several different frequencies from a number of popular shortwave stations, including Voice of America, the BCC, Radio Japan, Voice of Russia, etc. The operating frequencies may be changed by the owner, to keep up with changing station schedules!
Real-Time Spectrum Scope
To aid in finding band activity, the VR-5000’s Real-Time Band Scope, used while operating in the “VFO” mode, will sweep the band in search of activity, displaying the received signals graphically according to frequency and signal strength. The sweep width may be set to 100/200/250/300/500 kHz and up to 1/2/2.5/5/10 MHz, and you can also adjust the sweep steps for best resolution in the frequency range being observed!
Powerful Memory System: 2000 Channels
The incredible 2000-channel memory capacity of the VR-5000 allows an astounding array of operating possibilities! The memories may be arrange in up to 100 Memory Groups, and you can attach an alpha-numeric label to both Memory Channels and Memory Groups to aid in channel identification. The memories store operating frequency, noise blanker status, and DSP information separately, so each channel is optimized for best reception.
Extensive Scanning Capability
The VR-5000’s versatile scanning system allows lightning-fast sweeping of operating frequencies, so you won’t miss any of the excitement on the bands! The scanner allows you to select from three scan-resume options, too: “Delay” Scan, which lets scanning resume after a programmed interval of waiting on an active channel; “Pause” Scan, which holds on an active channel until the incoming signal disappears; and “Hold” Scan, whereby scanning stops when activity is encountered. There is a wide array of scanning features available to the VR-5000 user: ? VFO Scan Sweeps the entire frequency range of the receiver (0.1 ~ 2599.99998 MHz). ? Memory Scan Choose from scanning of all memory channels, or channels within a particular memory group. ? PMS (Programmable Memory Scan) Scan within user-defined band limits, as though you were on a VFO. As many as 100 band-limit memories may be utilized for the setting of scanning borders. ? Smart Search™ Automatically loads up to 100 channels where activity is found. ?Main-Sub Two-Channel Scanning Allows watching of the Main and Sub VFO frequencies without listening to them simultaneously. ? Priority Operation Allows operation on one channel while periodically watching a “Priority” channel for activity. Operation will shift to the Priority channel if it becomes active.
Digital Signal Processing (option)

The optional DSP-1 Digital Signal Processing Unit includes a number of features which can significantly enhance reception through improved interference rejection. ? Digital Bandpass Filter (SSB/AM/FM Modes) Provides razor-sharp selectivity for reducing adjacent-frequency interference and for shaping of the incoming station’s audio frequency response. Both the low-cut and high-cut frequencies of the DSP Bandpass Filter are adjustable. ? Digital Noise Reduction Filter The DSP will analyze the incoming passband and suppress noise which is not directly associated with the incoming signal, providing quieter reception. ? Digital Notch Filter Automatically notches out annoying “beat” signals (“heterodynes”) which can spoil reception, especially during Shortwave operation. ? CW Narrow-Bandwidth Peaking Filter Provides ultra-narrow bandwidths of 25/100/200/400 Hz for single-signal reception. ? CW Tone Pitch Control Allows you to adjust the center frequency of the CW filter for most comfortable reception.

  • 0.1-259.999 MHz
  • Dual Receive
  • Preset Shortwave Broadcast Station
  • Program / Alarm / Sleep Timer
  • PreSet Memories
  • Graphical Memory Display
  • VFO Scan
  • Memory Scan
  • Smart SearchTM
  • Priority Operation
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • RF Tune
  • 20 dB Attenuator
  • IF Noise Blanker
  • 10.7 MHz IF Output Jack
  • Field Strength Meter
  • Personal Computer Interface Port
  • Audio Wave Meter


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