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Item Name: UNI-T UT391A Laser Distance Meter 0.1-60m
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Item Code: UT391A
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UNI-T UT391A Laser Distance Meter 0.1-60m



UNI-T UT391A Laser Distance Meter 0.1-60m

Specifications*Measurement Distance:0.1m ~ 60m (4 in ~197 ft)
*Measurement Speed:3time/s
*Quick! Easy! Most importantly, Accurate!!...

The most important features of UT391A

  • Accurate - In 60 meters range, the measurement precision can reach 1.5 mm
  • Reliable - Measurement adopted auto correction and error reporting technology, massively reducing problems resulted form faulty operation
  • Light and handy - Product net weight (including battery) is only 100g, easy to carry
  • Long battery life - Each group of new battery can measure up to 5,000 times
  • Easy to read - LCD display with backlight option

UT391 has the following measuring functions

  • Display illumination - suitable for working in darkness situation
  • Multi- types of units display- m/in/ft/m2/ft2/m3/ft3
  • Continuous measurement, tracking function - suitable for staking out any distances
  • Minimum distance measurement - allows horizontal or vertical measurement in which the shortest distance is auto mantically displayed.
  • Maximum distance measurement - allows diagonal measurement into corners in which the longest distance is automatically displayed.
  • Plus, minus - distances, areas or volumes can be added or subtracted.
  • Area and volume measurement - the area or volume is automatically calculated from two or three measurements (length, width, height). Supplementary information such as circumference, wall area, floor or ceiling area are displayed at the touch of a button.
  • Pythagoras functions - allow distances to be determined when direct measurement is impossible. The distance is automatically calculated from two or three measurements.
  • Memory Storage - save the value of previous 20 records for measurements or calculated results.

Technical Specification

  • Measurement Distance       0.1m ~ 60m (4 in ~197 ft)
  • Measurement Speed            3time/s
  • Battery Type                       2xAAA (1.5V) ( **NOT include Battery)
  • Battery Life                         up to 3,000 measurements
  • Dimension                          116x49x28mm
  • Weight                               100g(including batteries)
  • Laser Type                          635nm, < 1mW
  • Laser Class                         Class 11
  • Dust Protect/Splash proof    IP54
  • Auto power off                    after 3 min
  • Auto laser switch-off            after 0.5 min
  • Environment Requirements
  • Altitude                              2000m
  • Operating Temperature       0°C to +40°C(+32°F to +104°F)
  • Storage Temperature           -10 °C to +60°C (14°F to +140°F)


ut391a.jpg (600×600)

ut391a_1.jpg (600×600)

ut391a_2.jpg (600×600)

ut391a_3.jpg (600×600)

Photo will have chromatic aberration compared with the product



  • 1 x UNI-T UT391A Laser Distance Meter 0.1-60m
    • 1 x Bag
      • 1 x Screwdriver
        • 1 x Manual **(This item not have english manual)
          • ( **NOT include Battery)


Shipping Address Notice

Turkey & Belgium
Customs Notice


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