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Item Name: 1 x MAXLOG M-8800 28.000-29.700MHZ MOBILE RADIO
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1 x MAXLOG M-8800 28.000-29.700MHZ MOBILE RADIO



MAXLOG M-8800 28.000-29.700MHZ MOBILE RADIO



Item Number : M-8800


Frequency 28.000-29.700MHZ (25.615-30.105MHZ)
Frequency Bands A/B/C/D/E/F
Channels 40 Channels(programmable)
Frequency Control Phase-Locked-Loop Sypthesizer
Frequency Step 5Hz-100Hz-1KHz-10KHz
Frequency Tolerance 0.005%
Frequency Stability 0.001%
Temperaure Range -30℃ TO +50℃
Micrpphone Plug-in Dynamic with PTT/UP/DN/ASQ switch and coiled cord
Input Volyage 13.8v normal/15.9V max. /11.7 min.
Current Drain 5A(TX AM Full Mod.)/9A (SSb 30W PEP)
Size / Weight 28 x 26 x 6 cm/2.8Kg
Antenna Connector UHF,SO239


RF output power 

1-12w AM/CW (adjustable)

2-40W FM (adjustable)

0-30W USB/LSB(adjustable)


High and Low level Class B

Amplitude Modulation:AM

Varied Capacitance Frequency Modulation:FM
Inter-modul. Distorsion

SSB:3rd order, more than -25dB

5th order, more than -35dB
SSB Carrier Suppr. 55dB
Unwanted Sideband 50dB
Frequency Response AM and FM; 450 to 2500Hz
Impedance 50 Ohm, unbalanced


Sensitivity (12dB Sinad)  SSB:0.25μV for 10dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2W of audio output
AM:1.0μV for 10dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2W of audio output
FM:1.0μV for 20dB (S+N)/N at greater than 1/2W of audio output
Sensitivity   AM/FM: 6dB at 3KH/ 50dB at 9KHz
SSB:6dB at 2.1KHx /60dB at 3.3KHz
IF Frequency   AM/FM: 10.695 MHz 1st IF,455 KHz 2nd IF
Adjacent Channel 60dB AM/FM / 70dB SSB
RF Gain Control 45dB adjustable for optimum  signal reception
Autom.Gain Control (AGC) Less than 10dB change in audio output for inputs from 10 to 100,00μV
Squelch Adjustable;threshold less than 0.5μV.
Automatic Squelch Control (AM/FM only)0.5μV.
ANL Switchable
Noise Blanker RF Type, efecctive on AM/FM and SSB
Audio Output Power 4W ito 8Ohm
Frequency  Response 300 to 2800Hz
Built-in  Speaker 8 Ohm , round.
External Speaker 8 Ohm; disables internal speaker when connected (not supplied)




  • 1 x MAXLOG M-8800 28.000-29.700MHZ MOBILE RADIO
  • 1 x Microphone [MI-M-6-01]
  • 1 x Mobile Mounting Bracket
  • 1 x DC Power Cable with Fuse Holder
  • 4 x Black Screws
  • 6 x Tapping Screws
  • 2 x S-Washer
  • 1 x Spare Fuses
  • 1 x English Manual


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