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Item Name: MASTECH MS8910 SMD RC Resistance Capacitance Meter tester auto scan
USD 35.00
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MASTECH MS8910 SMD RC Resistance Capacitance Meter tester auto scan



MASTECH MS8910 SMD RC Resistance Capacitance
Meter tester auto scan

The Tester is a handheld and battery operated very convenient small Tool that is specially used to measuring SMD Surface Mounting

Device), there are Chip type resistor, Chip type capacitor and diode, for example. Moreover, the Tester have the continuity checking function

The Tester is automatically identified the passive Component as has been indicated above. Therefore, the measurement are allowed by fully automatic detection. The Tester is designed to meet IEC1010-1 standard and Stipulation of 2-Poulation Grade. The Tester conform to the European Union’s following Requirement:  CE regulation  89/336 (EMC Electromagnetic  Compatibility)。

The entire outer surface of the Tester case has been with thermo plastic elastomer, and the two testing pins has been gold-plated, so that it is reduce pin contact resistance and prevent to get rusty.

This operating instruction covers information on safety and caution, so please read relevant information carefully and observe all the warming and note strictly.



  • 3000 counts LCD display
  • Full automatic measurement
  • Auto scanning the Resistance/Capacitance/Diode
  • Function selection by one “FUNC”  Push Button
  • Data Hold function
  • Continuity Checking function
  • Over Load Indication ( ‘OL’)
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Power Supply: 3V Lithium Battery CR2032 (included)
  • Auto Power OFF. If the Tester is idle for more than 10 minutes, the tester will automatically turn off the power .
  • Operating temperature & Humidity: 0 ~ 40℃(32 ~104 ℉)  & < 80% RH 
  • Storage temperature & Humidity:  -10 ~ 50℃  (14 ~ 122 ℉)  & <70%RH
  • Safety Class:  IEC61010-1, 50V CAT III
  • EMC: According to CE regulation 89/336.
  • Dimension (L x W x H) & Weight:  170 x 31 x 17mm,  Approx. 48.6 g


Range (Ω) Resolution (Ω) Accuracy
300 0.1 ±(1.0% of rdg + 2 digits)
3K 1
30K 10
300K 100
3M 1K
30M 10K ±(1.2% of rdg + 3 digits)
Range (F) Resolution (F) Accuracy
3n 1p ±(2.5% of rdg + 3 digits)
30n 10p
300n 100p
30µ 10n
300µ 100n ±(3.0% of rdg + 3 digits)
30m 10µ
Continuity The buzzer will sound if the resistance is less than 30 ohms
Diode Check Testing current: 2mA Open Circuit voltage: 2.8 V

Photo will have chromatic aberration compared with the product

  • 1 x MASTECH MS8910 SMD RC Resistance Capacitance Meter tester auto scan


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Turkey & Belgium
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