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Item Name: HF20A HF 1.5-30MHz 100W WIRE antenna
USD 61.00
Item Code: 5-840-001
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HF20A HF 1.5-30MHz 100W WIRE antenna



Antenna description: " widely used in military , water and so on emergency communications using antenna concealment , easy to set up , no debugging , do not need tune -day , you can work the whole paragraph 1.5-30mhz ,0 -500 km without blind , the effective distance and inverted v antenna rather, in the range of 1000 kilometers effective communication . " Even for those who do not can not be set back v friend, because it can be set up in various forms , can be horizontal , inverted v, triangle , the frame line , stayed out of the window and so on. Outdoor set up, more convenient , readily detected at the roadside to 0.5 meters above the length of the antenna above the tree branches propped up on it , the location could not straighten the antenna , there is no problem , let go antenna Raowan  type can be, one minute to get the antenna erection ! ! Is installed outdoors and special environment set up radio stations is a good helper ! ! !

Recently , concerns, and I like this antenna more people, but there is a need to make a grant to a friend now ! This antenna is very easy to set up , one person one minute can be set up is good, but the antenna is not required to debug , from 1.5 mhz - 30mhz standing waves are very ideal height from the ground is also not strictly required, more than 0.5 meters above the ground can be worked , outdoor gantry I also like to use it to do qso

1. Max power : 100w, Average power : 50w
2. Operating frequency : 0.5-30mhz, 
3. Standard transducer : 20m
4. Transducer material : 1-1.5mm multi-strand copper wire
5. Stainless steel nail : Two (Bring your own)



  • 1 x HF20A HF 1.5-30MHz  100W 20M antenna
  • 2 x 1.5M antenna
  • 1 x HF20A Balun (The white Box)
  • 1 x Special-purpose part (The golden metal part)
  • 1 x User Manual

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