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UNI-T UT60E LCD Handheld AC DC Digital Multimeter with Max. Display 3999 UT-60E
Price: USD 49.90
UNI-T UT232 Digital Power Clamp Meters
Price: USD 95.50
Retail Price:USD 170.88
Save:USD 75.38
USB charge current and voltage tester
Price: USD 7.50
ANDERSON Red and Black 45A Powerpole Connector
Price: USD 4.00
UNI-T UT-300A Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, IR Thermometer Gauge, Free Shipp
Price: USD 39.90
Retail Price:USD 65.00
Save:USD 25.10
High quality 4MM Banana Plug Black and Red 5 Set
Price: USD 2.99
High Gain Crocodile clip Black and Red 5 set
Price: USD 2.80
MS8211 PEN Type Meter with NON-Contact AC Voltage Detector
Price: USD 19.99
Retail Price:USD 28.99
Save:USD 9.00
New Multi Functions Pocket Weather Meter AZ8908
Price: USD 34.00
Retail Price:USD 48.00
Save:USD 14.00
DT-8550 Infrared Thermometer
Price: USD 16.50
Retail Price:USD 23.99
Save:USD 7.49
VICTOR Digital Multimeter VC921
Price: USD 10.50
Retail Price:USD 16.22
Save:USD 5.72
FLUKE Test Lead Kits TL10
Price: USD 8.22
AZ8001 speed measurement Tachometer
Price: USD 48.00
Z8000 speed measurement Tachometer
Price: USD 35.00
Retail Price:USD 48.00
Save:USD 13.00
Price: USD 29.50
Retail Price:USD 55.00
Save:USD 25.50
DT-300 Infrared Thermometer (Black / Red)
Price: USD 20.00
SNDWAY handheld laser rangefinder SW-50
Price: USD 49.90
Retail Price:USD 75.00
Save:USD 25.10
SNDWAY handheld laser rangefinder SW-70
Price: USD 56.50
Retail Price:USD 82.00
Save:USD 25.50
0023-0182 HOPI HP-9800 Energy saving lamps tester
Price: USD 63.00
LUX METER LX 1010BS one silicon photo diode with filter
Price: USD 15.80
Retail Price:USD 22.00
Save:USD 6.20
Non-contact infrared thermometer T350C
Price: USD 15.50
Retail Price:USD 23.00
Save:USD 7.50
Mini Sound Level Meter CEM DT-85A
Price: USD 40.00
Benetech Infrared Thermometer GM700
Price: USD 35.50
Retail Price:USD 47.00
Save:USD 11.50
Uni-T UTD2052CL 50MHz Digital Storage (colour) Oscilloscope
Price: USD 248.00
Retail Price:USD 355.00
Save:USD 107.00
1 x Htm/LED detector LED light tube tester box & 10 test lamp
Price: USD 12.00
FLUKE F117C Digital Electrician Multimeter
Price: USD 193.00
Fluke 116C HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and Microamps
Price: USD 148.88
Fluke 115C Field Ture RMS Multimeter
Price: USD 142.88
FLUKE VT02 Visual IR Thermometer
Price: USD 625.88
1x Aquarium And Ambient Thermometer
Price: USD 6.50
Retail Price:USD 7.50
Save:USD 1.00
Digital Thermo-Humidity Meter with Clock KT-903
Price: USD 16.50
HCJYET-Mini infrared thermometer-HT-866
Price: USD 24.00
SANWA PM3 Digital Multimeter
Price: USD 47.00
VICHY-Digital Thermometer-DM6802A+
Price: USD 27.50
1 x UNI-T UT-804 High Accuracy Branch type MultiMeters
Price: USD 188.30
Retail Price:USD 269.00
Save:USD 80.70
Price: USD 25.50
Price: USD 25.50
Voltage Alert IAC-D 90-1000VAC
Price: USD 8.70
Digital Hygro-Thermometer HTC-303A
Price: USD 12.50
BENETECH Digital Sound Level Meter GM1351
Price: USD 22.50
Retail Price:USD 28.50
Save:USD 6.00
BENETECH Digital Anemometer GM8908
Price: USD 23.50
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