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  Hot News - Customers FAQ About PX-777(601)

Customers FAQ About PX-777


Q1:    PX-777 can save alphabet ?

A1:    Yes, it can save alphabet.


Q2:    PX-777 have intelligent battery charger ?

A2:    Yes, it have.


Q3:    Power of PX-777?

A3:    PX-777 radio for VHF is 5W, UHF is 4W.


Q4:    How to set PX-777 emergency alarm?

A4:    Press [call] key 1 second and then press [ moni] key.


Q5:    12V car charger cable for PX-777 is ?

A5:    5.5/2.5mm Car Cable for Radio Charger (22-35).


Q6:    PX-777 plus can support CTCSS / DCS for repeater, but it does not  

          support 1750hz for repeater?

A6:    PX-777 plus support CTCSS / DCS for repeater, but it does not support

          1750hz for repeater.


Q7:    PX-777 plus have paging capabilities ?

A7:    It do not have paging capabilities.


Q8:    PX-777 have repeater shift function ?

A8:    It have semi-duplex mode = shift , it can use repeater, have shift



Q9:    Can PX-777 set 600khz shift?

A9:    Yes, it can, you can set it in menu 17.


Q10:  How to set PX-777 in to memory and VFO mode?

A10:  When radio is in Channel mode, it can’t go to the memory and VFO   

           mode, you need to press [Enter + power on] to change radio into 

           frequency mode, so that you can go to memory and VFO mode.


Q11:  PX-777 have FM radio ?

A11:  It do not have FM radio.


Q12:  PX-777 need to prog. By PC ?

A12:  It can program by Keypad or PC (software)


Q13:  Does PX-777 have ANI function ?

A13:  Do not have ANI.


Q14:  How to reset PX-777?

A14:  Reset mode = menu + switch on radio + enter. 


Q15:  What is the different between the PX-777 plus and PX-777?

A15:  PX-777 plus has Scrambler function and ANI CODE(PTT ID) 

           but PX-777 has not  SCR -> menu 6

                                                 ANI -> menu 10


Q16:  What is the frequency / channel step of PX-777 ?

A16:  The frequency step of PX-777 is 5/6.25/10/12.5/25k, you can set it in

           menu 20.


Q17:  What is the channel space of PX-777?

A17:  The channel space is 12.5khz / 25khz.


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