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The exciting newly designed FTM-10R/E* Mobile 2m/70cm Transceiver is packed with innovative features that operators have been dreaming of for years. Great new appearance with keys and indicators that are illuminated with very bright LEDs.  The bright ocean blue negative type LCD display is easy on your eyes.

Super compact detachable front panel is ready to go with your motor vehicle!  The unique Waterproof/Dustproof Front Operation Panel is designed to support All-Weather Outdoor Activity in a manner never before possible.   Detach the front panel with one-touch release when transmitting!  The detachable front panel may be separated from the main chassis, and attached to a flat metal surface with the magnetic mounting bracket.   The microphone and PTT button are built into the front panel.

This front panel meets the IP57 standard - waterproof at 3 ft (1 m) for 30 minutes and protection against dust – making the FTM-10R/E* the perfect outdoor communications and entertainment package.

NB: Use of a communication device with a display while driving may be prohibited in some states and some countries.

*European Model


 Rugged Construction - take the FTM-10R/E where the action is!

The main body of the FTM-10R/E is a solid die-cast aluminum sandwich structure. The high quality die-cast aluminum chassis doubles as the heat sink providing more than enough air-cooled ventilation for the power modules. The sandwich structure also provides far better resistance to vibration and shock than many conventional transceivers and radios. The design shields against ignition noise and alternator whine for mobile operation! *The FTM-10R/E die-cast chassis section is not a waterproof structure
 Compact and Light Weight

Size: 4.4”W x 1.5”H x 7.0”D. Weight: 2.9 pounds.

 Heavy Duty Yet Easy to Operate...Even with Gloves!
Heavy Duty Yet Easy to Operate -- Large Multi-function dial & durable keys that are easy to operate...even when wearing gloves. A minimum number of key buttons on the front control panel, for safer operation during motor sports activities.
 Plenty of RF Reliable Power Output

Plenty of RF Power Output – 50W on 2m / 40W on 70cm. The high power RF output of the FTM-10R/E is produced by the heavy duty, high efficiency, RF POWER MOS FET amplifier. Powerful and reliable 2 m / 70 cm Band operation is guaranteed. *Power Requirement: 13.8 VDC from external source
 Industry 1st - Detachable waterproof front panel
Industry 1st - Waterproof/Dustproof* detachable Front Operation Panel to Support All-Weather Outdoor Activity. A high quality 1.1 inch/28 mm speaker is built into the FTM-10R/E detachable front panel; you can operate it like an HT! The microphone and PTT button are built into the front panel. Detach the front panel with one-touch release when transmitting! The detachable front panel may be separated from the main chassis, and attached to a flat metal surface with the magnetic mounting bracket. Incredibly versatile vehicle mounting options. The detachable Front Control can even be mounted on a motorcycle handlebar using the optional MMB-M11 multi-angle bracket. *Meets the IP57 standard. Waterproof at 3ft (1m) for 30 minutes and protection against dust. *The FTM-10R/E die-cast Main Body chassis section is NOT a waterproof structure
 Industry 1st - AF Dual Monitor function..also connect your IPod!
AF Dual Monitor Function: Listen to your favorite AM or FM stereo broadcast station, and monitor an amateur band at the same time. Note: AF Dual Monitor Function does NOT permit monitoring two different amateur bands at the same time. **External audio input is also available to connect your iPod!**
 Industry 1st - Intercom to communicate with fellow passengers
Industry 1st - Intercom feature to communicate with fellow passengers
 Industry 1st - Automatic Volume Control
Industry 1st - Automatic Volume Control to adjusts the speaker volume relative to nearby noisy environments
 Industry 1st - Receive and Transmit Text Messages
Industry 1st - Text Messages The message function can transmit alphanumeric messages (up to 20 messages/16 characters maximum) with a sender///////////////////////////'//i//i//i//i//i//i//i//i//i//i//i//i//i/s ID. In an emergency the message can be communicate...even in noisy outdoor environments
 Industry 1st - Unique Delay VOX function
Industry 1st - Unique Delay VOX function – automatic audio delay on transmit to insure transmission of all words
 Industry 1st - Bluetooth accessories!
Industry 1st - Bluetooth accessories coming soon!
 Independent AM/FM broadcast receiver
The FTM-10R/E has a completely independent AM/FM broadcast radio receiver, in addition to the amateur band receiver. You will enjoy broadcast band receiver coverage, and high quality operation on the 2 m / 70 cm Amateur Radio bands at the same time.
 High power 8-watt PA communications with optional speaker
A high quality 1.1 inch/28 mm speaker is built into the FTM-10R/E detachable front panel; you can operate it like an HT! The FTM-10R/E has a large 2 inch/50 mm, 1.5W speaker in the die-cast Main body chassis. The radio is equipped with a high power 8-watt audio amplifier, and a PA function for noisy outdoor environment operation with the optional, moisture and dust protected MLS-200-M10 external loudspeaker(s). **External audio input is also available to connect your iPod!**
 Smart Key on front panel for quick access to most important functions
Smart Key on front panel to access the most frequently used radio functions. The Smart Key features: DIMMER- Adjust brightness of the display. INTERCOM- Turn Intercom function On/Off. MONI- Disables the noise squelch to hear weak signals. PA- Enables/Disables the PA function. SCAN- Scan frequencies or memory channels. SQL LEVEL- Adjust the squelch threshold level. SSCH- Activate Smart Search function. TX POWER- Select the transmitter power level. VOL.ITCOM- Adjust the intercom audio level.
 Club Channel Monitor
Club Channel Monitor – always monitor a designated user-defined frequency
 Smart Search
Smart Search – scans and loads frequencies automatically where activity is found
 500 Channel Band Group Memory System
Band Group Memory System The versatile memory system uses up to 500 memory channels. Each memory channel can be labeled with an 8-digit alphanumeric tag. The memory channels may be recalled by a specific operating band, if desired.
 Automatic Range Transponder System
The ARTS (Automatic Range Transponder System) feature provides audio and/or visual confirmation that another ARTS equipped station is within communication range.
 Event Timer Stopwatch
The FTM-10R/E includes an Event Timer Stopwatch with an interval function to support many outdoor motor sports activities.
 Wireless Cloning
Wireless cloning allows transfer of memory information without a cable.
 Time-out Timer
The Time-Out Timer (TOT) function can end a continuous transmission after a preset time
 * Other Useful Features *
OTHER USEFUL FEATURES -DC input voltage display -Tone control -Band Up/Down key for easy operation -Simple key lockingAutomatic -Display brightness control -Three transmit power levels: 50W (70cm: 40W) / 20W /5W -Various scanning features -The Internet Connection Feature can be used to access the Vertex Standard WiRES-II system




Frequency Range: RX: 0.5 - 1.8 MHz (AM BC)
                                      76 - 108 MHz (FM BC)
                                      108-137 MHz (Air Band)
                                      137-174 MHz (144 MHz HAM)
                                      174-222 MHz (GR1 VHF TV)
                                      300-420 MHz (GR2 )
                                      420-470 MHz (430 MHz HAM)
                                      470-800 MHz (GR1 UHF TV)
                                      800-999 MHz (GR2 USA Cellular Blocked)
                               TX: 2 m /70 cm Amateur Bands
Channel Steps:            5/6.25/8.33/(9)/10/12.5/15/20/25/50/100/200 kHz (9): AM Only
Emission Type:      F3E, F2D
Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms
Frequency Stability: +- 5 ppm @ 14。 F ~ +140。 F (-10。 C ~ +60。 C)
Operating Temperature Range: -4。 F ~ +140。 F (-20。 C ~ +60。 C)
Supply Voltage:      Nominal:    13.8 V DC, Negative Ground
                               Operating: 11.7 ~ 15.8 V, Negative Ground
Current Consumption: RX: 0.5 A (Receive)
(Approx.)                  8.3 A / 6 A / 2A (TX, 2 m 50W / 20 W / 5 W)
                               8.5 A / 6 A / 2A (TX, 70 cm 40W / 20 W / 5 W)
Case Size (W x H x D): 4.4" x 1.5" x 7" (112 x 37.6 x 178 mm)
                               (w/o knobs & connectors)
Weight (Approx.):   2.9 lb. (1.3 kg)

RF Power Output:  50/20/5 W (2 m)
                               40/20/5 W (70 cm)
Modulation Type:   Variable Reactance
Spurious Radiation: At least ミ60 dB below
Microphone Impedance: 2 k ohms

Circuit Type:           FM / AM: Double-Conversion Super heterodyne
                               WFM:      Triple-Conversion Super heterodyne
                               AM / FM Radio: Single-Conversion Super heterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies: FM / AM: 1st: 47.25 MHz, 2nd: 450 kHz
                               WFM: 1st: 45.8 MHz, 2nd: 10.7MHz, 3rd: 1MHz
                               FM Radio: 130 kHz, AM Radio: 50 kHz
Sensitivity:              5 uV TYP for 10 dB SN (0.5-1.7 MHz, AM)
                               2 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (76-108 MHz, WFM)
                               0.8 uV TYP for 10 dB SN (108-137 MHz, AM)
                               0.2 uV for 12 dB SINAD (137-140 MHz, FM)
                               0.2 uV for 12 dB SINAD (140-150 MHz, FM)
                               0.25 uV for 12 dB SINAD (150-174 MHz, FM)
                                  1 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (174-222 MHz, WFM)
                                0.8 uV TYP for 10 dB SN (300-336 MHz, AM)
                               0.25 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (336-420 MHz, FM)
                                 0.2 uV for 12 dB SINAD (420-470 MHz, FM)
                                 5 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (470-540 MHz, WFM)
                                 5 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (540-800 MHz, WFM)
                                0.4 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (800-899.99 MHz, FM)
                                0.8 uV TYP for 12 dB SINAD (900 - 999.99 MHz, FM)
                                                           *USA Version Cellular Blocked
Squelch Sensitivity: Better than 0.16 uV (Amateur Band)
Selectivity :            NFM, AM 12 kHz / 30 kHz (-6 dB / -60 dB)
AF Output:             8 W @ 4 Ohm for 10 % THD (@ 13.8 V) BTL EXP SP
                               4 W @ 4 Ohm for 10 % THD (@ 13.8 V) Normal EXP SP/CH
AF Output Impedance: 4-16 ohms

  1x  Yaesu FTM-10R (Version :EXP)
  1x  Mobile Mounting Bracket MMB-36

  1x  DC Power Cord w/Fuse
  1x  Spare Fuse 15 A
  1x Angle Adapter
  1x  Separation Cable
  1x  Magnet
  1x  Front Panel Bracket and Hanger
  1x  Speaker Cable
  1x  Hex Wrench (3mm and 4mm)
  1x  Operating Manual
  1x  Warranty Card


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