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  Hot News - How to get free sample for SF-20 Power meter

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How to get free sample for Power meter :

  1. Sample products a total of 20pcs  can be sent, first come, first served
  2. Please give me a test report after agreeing to receive the sample
  3. The test report is as follows: Please compare our equipment with the ones you use
  4. The product is sent to you free of charge but we will not be responsible for tax collection
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1 Power direct digital readout, without any calibration. 
2. Maximum measurable power range up to 20W. 
3. 1 seconds check your Radio power output watt , also check your radio frequency.
​4.Easy to install handheld Radio 

Measurable power range: 0-20W 
Maximum power input: 20W
0-10W  (
Can not be continuous for more than a minute )
10W-20W (
Can not be continuous for more than a 30 second )
20W or more  (
Can not be continuous for more than a 5 second  )
 Caution :  Metal body is heat when working.
 Caution :  Over 20W ,will damage the 50 Ω  dummy load.

POWER METER Specifications:
MAX. Power in 20 WATT
Build-in Dummy Load  50Ω  20W
RF Power in Range  100-525MHz 
input resistance   50Ω 
Display   0.0-21W
Frequency counter Range 20.000MHz~999.99MHz
Build in :   Detect RF in 
Antenna in :  SMA male antenna
Display 20.000-999.99
Features Specifications:
Work temperature -20℃~+60℃
Battery Build -in Li-ion Battery  
Size(with OUT BNC /SMA)  25*25*87 (mm)
SIZE ( with BNC/SMA socket)  25*25*115 (mm)
Power  in  5V (micro usb)
Weight 94g 


Features function 
Push red button -" Power on " and "Frequency counter "mode
Push red button -" Power Meter "
Push red button -" Signal Level "mode
Push red button -" Battery Level "mode

1.1How to use Power meter .
Push red button -switch on
Push red button  at once to mode "POWER "
Connect the BNC to Radio output .
Caution : Over 20W ,will damage the 50 Ω  dummy load.

1.2How to use Frequency counter .
Two methods can use the frequency counnter meter,  BNC  connected to the walkie-talkie, the top sma antenna to receive radio signals.
Push red button --" Power on " and "Frequency counter "mode
Connect the antenna to sma  .
20.000MHz to 999.999 MHz

1.3How to use signal input level .
Push red button -switch on
Push red button  at once to mode "receive "
Connect the antenna to sma  .

1.4How to check Battery level .
Push red button -switch
Push red button to mode "BAT "

Package Contents 

1x English User Manual
1x USB charger cable 
1x USB AC adapter 100-240V 

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