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  Hot News - There are general strike all over the world

Dear customers,



Please take note of the following advice from respective postal administration :



There are general strike all over the world, together with the severe weather, please be prepared for further flight disruptions as well as delays in parcel processing and delivery.



Australia 澳大利亚

Australia --GST updates
Australian goods and services tax (GST) applies to consumer sales of low value imported goods. The rate of the GST is 10%. Low value goods are physical goods with a custom value of A$1000 or less. Businesses that meet the A$75,000 registration threshold will need to:
- register for Australian GST;
- charge GST on sales of low value imported goods (unless they are GST-free); and
- lodge returns and pay the GST to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Businesses will not charge GST on a sale when GST will be charged at the border, because either:-
- an item is worth over A$1,000;
- an item is a tobacco product or an alcoholic beverage; or multiple goods will be shipped to Australia in one consignment worth over A$1,000.
For details, please refer to the website:
Gift parcels:There are not duty free concessions for gift parcels. The customs declaration form should however be clearly marked Unsolicited gift.

- 就澳洲商品及服务税登记;
- 销售低价值进口商品时征收商品及服务税(获豁免商品及服务税的商品除外);以及
- 向澳洲税务局提交报税表并支付商品及服务税

- 商品的计税价格高于1,000澳元;
- 商品为酒类或烟草类物品;或
- 多件商品包装在同一件邮件之内托运至澳洲,而总计税价格高于1,000澳元。
礼品包裹:礼品包裹不获免税,但仍在在报关单上清楚注明"主动馈赠"(Unsolicited gift)(主动馈赠的礼品)字样。

Brazil 巴西

Porto Alegre, Brazil --Porto Alegre Airport closed due to weather
On July 12, Brazilian media sources indicated that Porto Alegre International Airport Salgado Filho (POA) is currently closed due to adverse weather and heavy fog in the area. Reports are unclear on when the airport will be reopened.
巴西阿雷格里港 - 波尔图阿莱格里机场因天气原因关闭
7月12日,巴西阿雷格里港国际机场Salgado Filho(POA)目前因该地区恶劣天气和大雾而关闭。暫時没有具体的资料何时会恢复正常。

Spain 西班牙

Barcelona, Spain--Iberia ground staff threatens to strike
Spanish media sources indicated on July 10 that Iberia ground stage have called a number of strikes at Barcelona El Prat Airport over a dispute about working conditions. The industrial actions have been planned on July 27-28 and August 3-4.
Zaragoza, Spain --Thunderstorms cause flooding in Zaragoza
According to Spanish sources on July 12, several streets across Zaragoza are flooded following a strong line of thunderstorms that moved through the area. Reports indicate that at least 50 roadways have been blocked due to trees knocked down across the city. No information on when the situation would normalize has been indicated.
西班牙巴塞罗那 - 伊比利亚地面工作人员威胁要罢工
西班牙萨拉戈萨 - 萨尔戈萨的洪水导致洪水泛滥

Switzerland 瑞士

Switzerland --ATC workers call for strike from July 23
Local news sources reported that air traffic controllers from the Skycontrol union in Geneva and other regional Swiss airports will hold industrial action from 23 July over working conditions. The strike action is set to last a week; however, the union warns it could last longer. Geneva, Bern and Lugano airports are expected to be the worst impacted.

Japan 日本

Japan--Flooding caused by Typhoon Prapiroon
Media sources are reporting on July 9 that severe floodwaters and landslides have occurred across Japan due to the Typhoon Prapiroon. Over 1.6 million people have been evacuated, with over 50 fatalities due to landslides. In Hiroshima, flooding has led to many roadbloacks and the halt of transportation services. Weather warnings remain active for Okayama, Kyoto, Osaka and Akita prefectures.
Japan-- Post offices closed due to adverse weather.
Japan Post informed that many post offices and mail processing facilities in western Japan have been closed since July 11, as a result of typhoons, heavy rains and flooding in the region. Roads and highways in these areas are also inaccessible to traffic, which is delaying the delivery of mail and parcels. The affected areas include: Gifu, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Tokushima, Ehime, and Kochi.
Postal services to Japan subject to delay 
As advised by the postal administration of Japan, due to the impact of severe weather, mail delivery services (including Speedpost, parcels and letter post items) to the following postcode areas are subject to delay: 
* Gifu: 5000000-5099999 
* Kyoto: 6000000-6299999 
* Osaka: 5300000-5999999 
* Hyogo: 6500000-6799999 
* Okayama: 7000000-7199999 
* Hiroshima: 7200000-7399999 
* Tokushima: 7600000-7699999 
* Ehime: 7900000-7999999 
* Kochi: 7800000-7899999 

* 5000000–5099999(岐阜縣) 
* 6000000–6299999(京都府) 
* 5300000–5999999(大阪府) 
* 6500000–6799999(兵庫縣) 
* 7000000–7199999(岡山縣) 
* 7200000–7399999(廣島縣) 
*  7600000–7699999(德島縣) 
* 7900000–7999999(愛媛縣) 
* 7800000–7899999(高知縣)

Japan 日本

Japan-- Engine inspections cause flight cancellations
On July 10, local sources are reporting that All Nippon Airways (ANA) plan to cancel 176 flights in Japan from July 10 until July 22 due to engine and technical inspections. Reports are unclear if the flights affected will be domestic or international.
日本 - 发动机检查导致航班取消

China 中国

China--typhoon Maria to make landfall on July 11
Media sources are reporting on July 10 that Super Typhoon Maria is expected to make landfall in China between Wenzhou and Fuzhou on July 11. Torrential rainfall, high wind speeds, landslides and flooding are likely to occur in the area. Once landfall has occurred the storm is predicted to move inland, again likely causing flooding and landslides. Flight disruption is likely to occur.
Shanghai, China --Many flights cancelled at Shanghai airports
Media sources reported that 350 flights have been cancelled at Shanghai's airports since July 7 due to adverse weather conditions. 180 flights have been cancelled at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, while Shanghai Pudong International Airport has cancelled 145 flights.
Fuzhou, China --Typhoon Maria disrupts flights operations
Media sources are reporting on July 12 that Typhoon Maria is heavily disrupting flight operations at Fuzhou Airport. 167 flights have been cancelled since July 11, affecting the operation of more than 20 airlines. No further details on when operations would return to normalcy have been disclosed.
中国 - 台风玛丽亚将于7月11日登陆,上海机场取消了多班航班

Bahamas 巴哈马

Bahamas --Technical failure causes postal disruptions
Bahamas Postal Service informed that it has been experiencing delays in the shipping, processing and delivery of all mail items since July 10 as a result of electrical and air conditioning malfunctions at the BSNASA exchange office. The problem is expected to be resolved within two weeks.
巴哈马 - 技术故障导致邮政中断

Morocco 摩洛哥

Morocco --Postal services return to normalcy
On July 6, Poste Maroc informed that postal services in Morocco have returned to normalcy after earlier disruptions in data transmissions for parcel post and express mail. Poste Maroc experienced technical problems in its domestic network since June 6.
摩洛哥 - 邮政服务恢复正常
7月6日,Poste Maroc告知摩洛哥的邮政服务网络数据传输技术问题現已恢复正常。

India 印度

Mumbai, India --Severe rainfall and flooding forecast for Mumbai
According to meteorological sources, heavy rainfall is forecast for Mumbai until July 12 increasing the potential for greater floods and landslides in the city and surrounding areas. Transportation has been heavily disrupted since July 9. Flight operations could be impacted in the following days.
孟买,印度 - 孟买的暴雨和洪水预报

Jamaica 牙买加

Jamaica --Technical problems cause postal disruptions
On July 12, Jamaica Post informed that it is currently experiencing technical problems in its network with respect to electronic data replication for parcel post, EMS items and barcoded letter post. Disruptions in the transmission of data through the POST*Net network are expected over the next two weeks.
牙买加 - 技术问题导致邮政中断



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