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  Hot News - Test to Earphones

Test to Earphones

You may think that testing earphones is as simple as reading a package and a price tag. The truth is that earphone quality differs from listener to listener, so you need to use the earphones to test them. The best way to test earphones is to listen to music you are familiar with. Then, you can judge the audio quality as well as the fit and features the earphones offer. By considering these factors, you can find quality earphones no matter what you listen to.

Make a playlist of your favorite music. The ultimate earphone test involves the music you know best. These tracks are typically what you want the earphones to play well. In addition, you know how these tracks should sound, so you can identify any audio flaws caused by inferior earphones.

  • You can create a playlist in a music program such as iTunes. It doesn’t matter what genre you use as long as you know the songs well.

Test earphones with multiple genres of music if possible. Using multiple genres helps test the full range of sound earphones can produce. Different genres of music may focus more on higher or lower pitches. Orchestral music is often used for a wide range of pitches. Rock music can be good for higher pitches, while jazz music is often helpful for testing lower pitches.

  • For higher pitches, look for loud vocals, guitars, and drums. For lower pitches, seek out low, steady bass lines.
  • If you don’t listen to a wide variety of music, that’s okay. It’s more important for you to know the songs well so you can decide if the earphones give you the sound profile you desire.

Download music playlists onto an electronic device. Downloading the playlist onto your device allows you to test the earphones as soon as possible. You may be able to bring a phone or an MP3 player into the store with you so you can test earphones before you buy them. Plug the earphones into your device and play your music.

  • Keep any online audio tests bookmarked on your phone or computer so you can access them without downloading any files.
  • Many times you can’t test earphones before buying them. When this happens, make sure the store has a good return policy in case you are dissatisfied with the sound quality.

Listen to the music through the earphones. Plug the earphones into your device and go through the tests 1 by 1. Be sure to check the overall audio quality as well as its range. Make sure you are able to hear your playlist fully and without obnoxious buzzing. By doing this, you have a better chance of finding earphones that are right for you.

  • The only way you can really test earphones is by using them.

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