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  Hot News - POC Radio System Q and A

POC Radio System Q and A

Questions and Answers on 409PTT Network Intercom


What is 409PTT?

With the continuous popularization of 4G / 3G / GSM / Wi-Fi signals, our radio devices will be able to talk to each other without limitation of range. This means that our customers do not need to spend a lot on expensive radio infrastructure such as repeaters, antennas or leased premises, and do not need to receive a radio transmission license.


 1) Related distance

How far is the network intercom?

No limit. You have a GSM/3G/4G/5G or WiFi signal. This means you only rely on mobile phone business services or WiFi hotspots.


Why is the network walkie-talkie better than the traditional walkie-talkie?

Traditional VHF/UHF radio walkie-talkies will always be limited by distance and defense interference. When we connect to attractions that rely on mobile phone operators, you experience clear and interference-free communication. Thus, you do not need to invest in expensive wireless infrastructure such as repeaters, towers, antennas or rental sites.


Who can get the best results from network walkie-talkies?

Taxi cars, minibuses, tour buses, transportation companies, law enforcement agencies, security personnel, construction sites, logistics, agriculture and anyone else who need professional radio communications without scope restrictions.


I need to cover a wide area and multiple locations. Do I need multiple repeaters and antennas?

No need. Our service uses GSM/3G/4G operator's network. In addition to mobile or handheld network walkie-talkies, you do not need to invest in any network infrastructure.


Does it work in any country?

As long as you have internet access (equipped with 3G/4G or WiFi), then you can use our system, no matter where you are.


If the user is in a different country, can the user have a conversation between them?

can. Any user can talk to any other user, regardless of location.



2) Related permits

Is there a VHF or UHF frequency?

We sell POC network walkie-talkies in Hong Kong without VHF / UHF, because this will violate the Hong Kong telecommunications laws.


Do I need a radio transmission license to use in Hong Kong?

The network walkie-talkies we sell in Hong Kong operate from the network data of the telephone telecommunications company, and do not need to obtain a radio transmission certificate because it does not come with VHF/UHF radio transmission.


Can I use my intercom as a normal phone?

All network walkie-talkies based on mobile phone + app can call and receive calls and SMS/SMS. (Mobile phones cannot be used on non-android based models.


Can I use it if I can't receive the telecommunications network location? What would happen without the Internet?

can not be used. But some models are available with wifi.

If you can't get 3G or WiFi, then sadly you can't connect to our network. However, if you get enough GSM 2G signal, you can still use it with ordinary phones.


Can I use any SIM card?

Yes, all of our walkie-talkies use SIM cards and are compatible with any GSM/3G/4G/LTE network.


About network intercom data transmission scheme

Most of the functions are the same as ordinary IM. The main difference is the voice part, unlike WeChat/whatsapp, which can only be heard by the other party. The network walkie-talkie is the same as the actual walkie-talkie. When the talk button PTT is pressed, other users in the group hear the sound simultaneously. The server keeps a backup (file) of the current complete voice.


3) Differences in using telephone/interphone/intercom

Why not talk to each other on the phone?

One of the reasons for the replacement of walkie-talkies with telephones is quick response, which is undeniable for certain industries that require speed and emergencies. Our state-of-the-art network is almost instantaneous. You can use the intercom in less than 1 second to listen to your voice in another group of people by pressing PTT. In addition, you can talk to 1000 people at the same time, which is very suitable for on-site staff or patrol personnel. Communicate.


What is the difference between using my phone to download your 409ptt platform app and using a walkie-talkie?

When the 409PTT software is installed on the mobile phone to reply, a complicated power-on self-check or unlocking is required to reply. In some cases, there are big differences in the speed response required for some types of work.


What is the difference between downloading the 409PTT network intercom software from a mobile phone?

The mobile phone can use the network intercom software, but after using it, you will find that the mobile phone will be slower than the walkie-talkie, and the response will be slower. It is easy to turn off the software improperly. It only needs to complete the 24-hour operation and 100% standby. Avoid use.


What is the difference between downloading ZELLO or other communication programs 409PTT APP from mobile phones?

Calculation method: From you press PTT to the other party:

ZELLO is about five seconds long, and sometimes it can't even get the line.

This 409PTT communication will be delivered within one second. The server set by 409PTT is in Hong Kong, the speed will be even faster. .


Does the network walkie-talkie need a SIM card to use WiFi?

No need. All based on android (individual models) If you only want to use WiFi signal, you don't need a SIM card.



Can I use my own Android smartphone integrated service?

can. You only need to install our 409PTT APP application on your smart phone.


With our 409PTT APP installed, can I use my own android/I-OS/PC smart phone as an intercom to make calls?



What is the function of the SOS button on the intercom?

The SOS button will send an alert to all users, showing the location of the user who clicked the SOS button.


Can you provide WindowPC / andriod / i-os system?

Yes, (VIP senior customer) You can install our background system on any Windows PC and contact all users, check the map, speed their location, send personal information, make private and group calls. A platform management console is also available, and allows you to have complete control of your radio fleet.


Can I check the user's GPS location?

Yes, you can check the real-time location of all users and check their tracking.


Can you define individual permissions and profile permissions for each user?

Yes, all these details can be set. The platform management console allows you to have complete control of your radio fleet.


Can the intercom make private and group calls to other users?

Yes, you can make both calls.


Can the Internet radio send private messages to other users?

Yes, andriod/i-OS type application, you can send private information to any user.


Do I have to subscribe to the service to use the intercom?

In addition to working with your mobile phone operator to develop a data plan Sim card, you also need to subscribe to our 409-PTT service.


How much data does the network intercom need in a month?

For regular use, a data plan of 500 MB per month is sufficient. In extreme cases where communication occurs for a long time, a 1 GB data plan may be required


What happens if the server goes offline?

This is unlikely. We have 26 backup servers in North and Central America, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and other regions.... These servers are located in strategic locations and are powered by the most advanced IDC (Internet Data Center) Hosting. In the case of service degradation, you can rely on our high-quality IT team expertise and ten years of experience in the mobile phone (POC) industry for PTT.


How do I pay for the Internet radio and 409-PTT service fee?

Yes, use cash, TT, Paypal or ALIPAY FPS/alipayHK/PAYME to pay.


I need a lot of internet radios. Can I try before buying?

Yes, but you have to go to our store (check our existing stores here), before you invest in a large number of Internet walkie-talkies, you can buy one of our starter packs at a discounted price. address (check our current stores here)


If I order today, will I be charged today? When does the subscription start?

You will receive the bill the moment you complete the order. The 1-year subscription will only start to count when you receive the intercom and ask us to activate the 409-PTT service. Like this, if your next repeat payment fails, you can still reactivate the 409-PTT service without losing the PTT service.


Do you provide access rights, so I can use the APP software to check the user location?

Yes, you can use your own geolocation solution with APP.


Do you encrypt communications?

Yes, all communications are encrypted using SHA1 and DES algorithms, and only the network administrator of the organization can access historical data through the platform management console.


I have a large organization. Can I manage the platform myself?

Yes, users can manage all users, groups, individual rights, etc. according to your needs.


Can I swap the intercom to the existing radio infrastructure?

Yes, there are cross-linking solutions with our SURECOM Repeater products.


Can I be your reseller?

Yes, we are looking for Hong Kong/Global distributors. You can apply today. You can view the list of our existing distributors here.


The above information is subject to change at any time, subject to change without notice




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