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Item Name: Car Battery Eliminator Camouflage for UV-5R UV-8R
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USD 6.50
Item Code: E-DC43CC
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Car Battery Eliminator Camouflage for UV-5R UV-8R



     Car Battery Eliminator for Radio (Camouflage)







With this car battery eliminator you can power the listed two way radio models directly from your car cigar lighter receptacle.
Simply replace your two way radio battery with this device. Then insert the DC plug into the cigar lighter receptacle in your vehicle. After completing the above, your two way radio will be powered by the DC voltage from your vehicle!
What more is that this battery eliminator has an in-built over-voltage protection function to provide extra safe protection for your valued radios.


  • Switching IC Design
    Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature Protection
    DC input : DC 12/24V
    Output : MAX 3A output
    High efficient >90%
    low heat dissipation
    Built in Noise Filter



    It is a Car Battery Eliminator for Radio

    1. 100% brand new and high quality
    2. Easy to operate
    3. Nice and small, lightweight and sturdy, ideal for saving the space
    walkie talkie accessories
    battery eliminator
    Overvoltage Over Current protection function
    High quality
    used for different walkie talkies
    easy to operate
    best price and service
    convenient to use in the car


     Compatible Models:
    • BAOFENG 
       - UV-5R
       - BFF8-PLUS
       - BF-F9
       - UV-5RA
       - UV5RA-PLUS
       - UV-5RB
       - UV-5RC
       - UV-5RD
       - UV-5RE
       - UV-5RE-PLUS
       - UV-5RG
       - UV-5RQ
       - UV-5RT
       - UV-5RU
       - UV-5S
       - UV-5U
    • WACCOM
    •  - UV-5R

     - UV-8R

    • TYT 
    •  - TH-F8
    •  - TH-UVF9 (THUVF9)



  • 1 x Car Battery Eliminator for Two Way Radio (Camouflage)   





Fit Radio Model:

 UV-5R 136-174MHz 400-480Mhz Series

UV-5R-UU 136-174MHz 400-520Mhz Series

UV-5RA (136-174Mhz / 400-480Mhz)


UV-5RA-UU (136-174Mhz / 400-520Mhz)


UV-5R-A-PLUS (136-174Mhz / 400-480Mhz) Series

UV-5RA-PLUS-UU (136-174Mhz / 400-520Mhz) Series

UV5RB (136-174Mhz / 400-480Mhz) Series






UV-5RE (136-174Mhz / 400-480Mhz)  Series
UV-5RE-UU  (136-174Mhz / 400-520hz)  Series

UV-5RE-PLUS-UU  (136-174Mhz / 400-520hz)  Series


BFF8-PLUS 136-174/400-480Mhz Series


BF-F9 136-174/400-480mhz RADIO


WACCOM WUV-5R 136-174Mhz / 400-480Mhz Series

WACCOM WUV-5R 136-174Mhz / 400-520Mhz Series

RONSON UV-8R Dual Band 136-174/400-480MHZ


THUVF9 136-174Mhz and 400-470MHZ


THUVF9 136-174Mhz and 400-480MHZ


TH-F8 VHF 136-174Mhz series


TH-F8 UHF 400-480Mhz series   


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