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35W( N -connector) UHF 6 Cavity Duplexer [RX: 483.55625 TX:489.96875]
Price: USD 80.00
Retail Price:USD 83.00
Save:USD 3.00
20W ( N-connector ) Duplexer UHF 6 Cavity [RX: 462.000 TX:467.000]
Price: USD 64.00
Retail Price:USD 69.00
Save:USD 5.00
Price: USD 4.00
J-NUODA 888S UHF 400-470 MHZ BNC antenna black
Price: USD 6.50
KINNOTA 701 Antenna dual band 144/430MHz BNC Antenna
Price: USD 8.50
1X SURECOM SR-112 simplex repeater Controller For WOUXUN Mobile Radio
Price: USD 69.90
1x SURECOM SR-112 simplex repeater Controller For QYT KT-UV980 Mobile Radio
Price: USD 69.90
1x SURECOM SR-112 simplex repeater Controller For BAOFENG BF-9500U Mobile Radio
Price: USD 69.90
2015 new model good quality scooter 2 wheel Electric Scooter Segway (Not include shipping cost)
Price: USD 199.80
BAOFENG BFE500S-BU blue 136-174/400-520MHZ
Price: USD 26.50
Retail Price:USD 38.22
Save:USD 11.72
SURECOM SW-102-VU Digital N(SL16) Power & SWR Meter (Pre-Order)
Price: USD 48.50
Retail Price:USD 55.50
Save:USD 7.00
SURECOM SF401 Portable Frequency Counter with CTCCSS/DCS Decoder
Price: USD 38.50
Retail Price:USD 49.50
Save:USD 11.00
Transfluent U23 CCTV daytime doing WIFI P2P live view Recorder
Price: USD 149.00
Retail Price:USD 169.50
Save:USD 20.50
Wouxun KG-699E UHF 400-470mhZ Two-way Radio
Price: USD 79.90
Retail Price:USD 102.00
Save:USD 22.10
WOUXUN KG-UV6D Dual Band 136-174/420-520Mhz FM Radio
Price: USD 95.50
Retail Price:USD 119.00
Save:USD 23.50
QYT KTUV980 VHF 40W UHF 30W 136-174/400-480MHz Mobile Radio Transceiver
Price: USD 139.50
Retail Price:USD 151.00
Save:USD 11.50
iradio UV8R UV-8R UHF 136-174/400-480MHZ Two-way Radio with LED Flashlight
Price: USD 60.00
BAOFENG BF-568 UHF 400-470Mhz radio + earpiece
Price: USD 23.50
Retail Price:USD 32.00
Save:USD 8.50
ASA YX-X2 radio UHF 400-470MHZ black Small radio
Price: USD 25.50
Retail Price:USD 29.90
Save:USD 4.40
Baojie BJ-218 136-174/400-470MHz Mini Mobile Radio Transceiver
Price: USD 95.00
WOUXUN KG-689 VHF136-174Mhz + earpiece
Price: USD 49.90
Retail Price:USD 76.44
Save:USD 26.54
WACCOM MINI-8900 136-174/400-480MHz Car Radio Blue
Price: USD 79.90
Retail Price:USD 94.00
Save:USD 14.10
BAOFENG BF-658 UHF 400-470MHz Portable Two-Way Radio
Price: USD 24.50
Retail Price:USD 32.88
Save:USD 8.38
QUANSHENG TG-45AT UHF400-470MHz w/ Li-ion battery
Price: USD 28.99
Retail Price:USD 39.99
Save:USD 11.00
WOUXUN KG-UV6D Dual Band 136-174/400-480Mhz radio with SF ANTENNA
Price: USD 85.50
Retail Price:USD 108.00
Save:USD 22.50
JK-518S Radio Frequency Meter Power Measuring Frequency Counter CTCSS DCS Decode
Price: USD 27.00
Rubber Keypad for TYT MD380 MD-380
Price: USD 4.50
VEASU UV-8DR 136-176/240-260/400-520MHz Three Band radio
Price: USD 59.50
WANHUA WH-27 VHF 136-174MHZ TWO WAY RADIO + Push to Talk Earpiece
Price: USD 35.00
UNI-T UT232 Digital Power Clamp Meters
Price: USD 95.50
Retail Price:USD 170.88
Save:USD 75.38
Imazing IM5 Aluminum Slim Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter with Clamps
Price: USD 99.90
Retail Price:USD 125.00
Save:USD 25.10
UNI-T UT521 Earth Ground Testers
Price: USD 88.50
Retail Price:USD 118.88
Save:USD 30.38
BAOFENG BF-V85 Dual Band Two-way Radio
Price: USD 35.50
Retail Price:USD 41.50
Save:USD 6.00
BAOFENG BF-F9 136-174/400-480mhz RADIO
Price: USD 32.55
Retail Price:USD 39.88
Save:USD 7.33
BAOFENG BF-490 UHF 400-470mhz two way radio
Price: USD 25.50
Retail Price:USD 36.90
Save:USD 11.40
TYT TH-F7 UHF 400-470Mhz Two-way radio
Price: USD 28.80
Retail Price:USD 39.99
Save:USD 11.19
Wouxun DUAL BAND KG-UV8D duplex repeater 136-174/400-480MHz
Price: USD 120.00
Retail Price:USD 126.00
Save:USD 6.00
HIGH Performance 16CHVertex Standard VX-351 VHF 134-174Mhz 5W 16CH
Price: USD 105.00
Retail Price:USD 195.00
Save:USD 90.00
Six-Way Charger for BAOFENG BF888S BF-888S ham radio
Price: USD 68.00
Retail Price:USD 75.99
Save:USD 7.99
BAOFENG BFE500S-CU camouflage 136-174/400-520MHZ
Price: USD 29.99
Retail Price:USD 38.22
Save:USD 8.23
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