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Item Name: Schumann Resonance Earth Frequency 7.83Hz Pulse Generator Brainwave Entrainmen
USD 55.00
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Item Code: 7.83Hz
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Schumann Resonance Earth Frequency 7.83Hz Pulse Generator Brainwave Entrainmen


Schumann Resonance Earth Frequency 7.83Hz Pulse Generator Brainwave Entrainment


Schumann wave itself does not make any sound, it is not directly acting on the sound or video products to improve the quality of sound or vision. It's working on the space environment, make the people's physical and mental get relaxed, improve the body's perception of sound and images, improve the human bodyhealth and working efficiency, it also has a good effect on insomnia, mental strain and so on. For more information please Google "Schumann Resonance".
For audio-visual space - to enhance the sound field and audio-visual effects
For the bedroom - to help sleep soothe the nerves, treatment of insomnia
For the office - relax and improve work efficiency
For the create space - to improve creative inspiration
For the tea ceremony, spirituality, realization space - resting body and mind 
Frequency: 7.83Hz 
Size: 132 * 108 * 32 mm transparent  
Weight: 0.4Kg
Rated voltage: DC 12V
Rated current: 1.5A
Applicable voltage: 100V-240V Universal
Including accessories: DC 12V Power supply.

The Schumann wave generator is an auxiliary device that acts on the human body at a relatively weak frequency, and Schumann wave will fail in the following cases:
the surrounding environment is too noisy, all kinds of waveform more far than the Schumann wave generator radiation intensity.
the body is excited, excited state.
each type of continuity under the big volume of DJ music.
General application

Suggested that the goods placed a height of 1.5 meters, a single product should be in the area of ​​not more than 18 square meters, more than one, please purchase more than one. It is recommended to use a matching linear power supply.

Category Application

① HIFI Application Principle

Drive off the clutter + clean listening environment + enhance the body perception = system upgrade.

HIFI speaker system applications:
18 square meters of kiss environment, Will schumann wave level placed in the middle of the two speakers, after a little, when the conditions allowed to place a height of 1.2-1.5 m, Schumann wave to avoid vibration or anti-vibration treatment can enhance More than 18 square meters of listening environment, it is recommended to buy two, Can be schumann wave put on top of the box or around, Other requirements are the same as above

Hifi application system:
Because only the use of headphones to listen, in the effect, only the remaining "to enhance the human body perception", although the effect of a sudden drop, but still exist.

Film direction application
The required number of Schumann wave and placement and HIFI application of the same, for more than 40 square use of the environment HIFI players, Suggested use 4 pieces of Schumann wave generator.

Help sleep direction:
Because each person has a different perception and there are individual differences, some people first application of the middle of the night sleep quality is not too high, after several days to adapt, to achieve deep sleep.

Creative direction:
Often used in calligraphy and painting, designers, can meditate;

 Other direction:
Meditation, Martial arts practice, Taoist culture research, biology, medicine and other direction

Package include :
1x Schumann wave 7.83 Hz 
1x PSU 100-240V 


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