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  Hot News - 2019 COMING SOON !!!


2019 coming soon :

1)BS01 Bluetooth  PTT finger Switch for Zello iOS Android Walkie Talkie APP

2)SE01 Wire PTT Earpiece for Zello iOS Android Walkie Talkie APP 

3)SS01 Wire Speaker mic for Zello iOS Android Walkie Talkie APP

4)Bluetooth Speaker Microphone for Zello iOS Android Walkie Talkie APP

5)SA350 antenna analyzer

6)SA200 antenna analyzer

7)SA450 antenna analyzer

8)SR729 Repeater controller with zello phone ready.


SR729 Repeater controller with zello phone ready.

  • For Zello App on iOS and Android.
  • POC Audio Accessory Solution
  • Real time repeater 
  • Zello cross band Anlaog Radio





SURECOM SS-01 Speaker Mic  for Zello iOS Android Walkie Talkie APP

PTT (Push-To-Talk) and speaker combo.
Audio Ports are on BOTH right to enable wearing the radio on either the front or the back!
Includes the Battery and USB to 3.5mm Charger  in the box at no additional charge.

Fit for Phone and POC Walkietalkie 




Surecom SE-01 meets Zello user's needs of rugged applications 
  • For Zello App on iOS and Android.
  • POC Audio Accessory Solution
  • Noise Reduction Knowles Microphone.
  • Front Facing PTT Button.
  • Embedded 3V battery provides more one year talk time. 
  • Automatically power on when SE01 is plugged into smart phone. 
  • PTT button, volume control buttons, and cell phone button are built in
  • Features 3.5mm jack for receiving only earphone
  • cheaper price for use earpiece for zello app
  • Designed & Engineered in the HONGKONG

This is our NEWEST invention for our customers wanting to use PTT apps on cell phones and tablets. Most cell phones and tablets do not support any kind of external Push-to-Talk (PTT) function on their accessory plugs, so users have either had to use the device screen or Bluetooth to make the PTT work. Sometimes it's not easy to push a PTT on the device screen, and Bluetooth can be inconvenient since it needs pairing, battery charging, etc. The SE-01 solves this problem by having the computer software inside!  (like phone calling, music playing, photo taking, etc.) The SE-01 PTT button activates computer software that communicates to the phone or tablet and activates the PTT of the PoC App. directly. TheSE-01 PTT works just like a normal PTT, push to talk and release to listen. There is no battery to charge and the SE-01 does not add any battery drain to your phone or tablet (the SE-01 has a small disposable battery you can easily change, but it will last from 1 to 2 years so it is very inexpensive to operate.) Using the SE-01 is super easy! Select 'External PTT' in your PoC App (not every PTT App supports external PTT, so check first.) Plug in the SE-01, and simply press the PTT to start talking. There is nothing to pair, nothing to charge. Couldn't be much easier!





1) Power readout directly in digital form without any calibration. 
2) Maximum measurable power range up to 20W. 
3) Check your Radio power output watt radio frequency under a second.
​4) Easy connectin with handheld Radio 





SURECOM SW-33 markII 125-525 Mhz Mini Digital VHF/UHF Power & SWR Meter

1 VSWR. Forward and reflected power direct digital readout, without any calibration. 
2. Maximum measurable power range up to 100W. 
3. 3 seconds check your antenna SWR , also check your radio RF power watt.
​4.Easy to install handheld Radio 




SF-103 Portable Frequency Counter 2MHz - 2.8GHz

Feature & Specification:

  •    Frequency range two select : 2MHz-200MHz / 27MHz -2800MHz
  •   CTCSS/DCS Decoder 
  •    Frequency counter Digital mode for DMR radio
  •     Work by TCXO( Temperature Compensate X'tal (crystal) Oscillator) 2~2.5ppm
  •     Frequency Response time:  0.2-0.5sec.( CTCSS/CDCSS >0.5-1sec) 
  •     TFT Color Display 240 x 320 ,LCD Dim level setting
  •     Build-in  Li-ion battery
  •     Net Weight: 113g 
  •     4 buttons control
  •     Auto power off  1-9minutes   
  •     Charging battery LED indicator


SURECOM SP2496  Colour Graphic  100-1050Mhz Spectrum Analyzer  


Model No. SP-2496
Frequency Range: 100-1050Mhz
Connector: BNC Female
RF Output Power:  N/A
Frequency Step: 0.1/1/10/100/1000KHz
 Input  50Ohm
Power: 3.7V Li-Polymer
Charge Power Supply: DC5V> 500mA
Frequency stability: <0.5PPM
Span Range 0.54Mhz / 1.35MHz / 2.75 / 5.4MHz / 13.5MHz
/ 27MHz / 54MHz / 108MHz
Charge indicator: Two-color LED Hidden (when not charging)
there are three instructions state: 
1, charging (red) 
2, charging is completed (green) 
3, charging fault (flashing)
Charger Power: Standard Micro USB connector
 Size:   10.5 * 7.1 * 2.5cm (L * W * H)


 SURECOM SW-33 100-520 Mhz Mini Digital VHF/UHF Power & SWR Meter


1 VSWR. Forward and reflected power direct digital readout, without any calibration. 
2. Maximum measurable power range up to 100W. 
3 low insertion loss (0.3 decibels or less) structure allows it to be permanently connected.

Frequency range: 100 - 520MHz 
Measurable power range: 0 - 100W 
Maximum power: 100W Accuracy: mean + / - 5% 
Impedance: 50Ω    
Size: W 25 X H 25 X D60 mm. 
Weight: <160 grams 
Battery :  ,Li- battery  (3.7V)


MAX. Power in 100 WATT
V.S.W.R 1.00~9.9
Frequency Range COVER:100MHz~520MHz
Insertion Loss < 0.15dB(VHF) , < 0.25dB(UHF)
Temperature 0℃~70℃
Battery Build -in Li-ion Battery  
Size 25*25*60 (mm)
Power  in  5V (micro usb)
Interface (in and out ) SMA female
Weight <160g 






  SURECOM SR-629 repater controller


SR-629 Duplex Repeater Controller

The SR-629 is a multi-function and cheaper device that connects any handheld or mobile radio.

By equipment and so on our assemble the build, the new generation
trunk-line board,the internal structure design are finer, the outward appearance is
more attractive. Beside scan give a the basic repeater function which has
follow the receiver transmitter,furthermore has the Simple connection,
provides the more ideal 2-way radio conversation region for you, causes you
maintains the relation in the bigger operating region.

When the radio units is connect, the received signal on a radio unit will
bee real-time transmit on the other radio unit.
Input A: Channel A is TX When channel B is RX.
Input B :Channel B is TX When channel A is RX .

The purpose will be done in two different places and using different
frequency bands intercom, through our mutual communication relay station.

This is a radio cross band duplex repeater controller. It is an easy of operation
and cost effective and highly flexible platform for setting up bi-direction
cross band duplex repeater with mobile radio and handheld radio.

The SR-629 has 2 audio ports in and out , they are used to connect with mobile
and handheld radio. DTMF remote control function with password protection is
available in the .. Multi-LED display 2 of radio status , and build-in battery Level.




 SURECOM SF-401PLUS  Portable Frequency Counter 



The frequency meter capable of measuring the limits of the frequency of the continuous carrier signal walkie-talkies , with signal strength indicator. it is the tool of choice for maintenance people,test frequency and signal strength of wireless enthusiasts.

This portable frequency counter is designed for counting continuous wave signal comes from Two-way Radio. 

There are easy ranges for you to choose. The ranges cover most of the frequency of the two-way radios you want to measure. 

Its four-button control is easy to use and its small size allows you to carry it anywhere you like.

 Work by  TCXO(Temperature Compensate X'tal (crystal) Oscillator) ,In the range of -45 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ can reach ± 2 ~ ± 4ppm accuracy 

SURECOM SF-401plus





ON SALE now !   SURECOM SA250 132-173 / 200-260 / 400-519MHz Colour Graphic  Antenna Analyzer

Model Country (Market) Language
Below Model coming soon 
SA-250C CHINA  简体
SA-250F France français
SA-250I India हिन्दी
SA-250J JAPAN 日本語
SA-250K Korea 한국의
SA-250M Malaysia Malay
SA-250S Spain  
SA-250T Thailand ไทย


Model No. SA-250
Frequency Range: 132-173Mhz / 200-260Mhz / 400-519MHz
Connector:  SMA Female
RF Output Power: 1-1.5V(5-10db)
Frequency Step: 0.1/1/10/100/1000KHz
VSWR Range: 1.00-19.99
ZRX Range: 0-999.9
Power: 3.7V 900mah ,Li-ion 14500
Charge Power Supply: DC5V> 500mA
Frequency stability: <0.5PPM
Sweep width: 300KHz / 1.5MHz / 3MHz / 6MHz / 12MHz / 24MHz / 42MHz / 75MHz (75MHz is only valid in 395-520MHz paragraph)
Charger indicator: Two-color LED Hidden (when not charging)
there are three instructions state: 
1, charging (red) 
2, charging is completed (green) 
3, Battery fault (flashing)
Charger Power: Standard Micro USB connector
Scan step: 1KHz/5KHz/10KHz/20KHz/40KHz/80KHz/
140KHz/250KHz (250KHz only valid in the 395-520MHz paragraph)



ON SALE now !  SURECOM SA160 0.5-60MHz Colour Graphic Antenna Analyzer

SURECOM SA160 0.3-60MHz Colour Graphic Antenna Analyzer
Model No. SA-160
Frequency Range: 0.5-60MHz
Connector: BNC  (50 OHM)
RF Output Power: 1-1.5V(5 - 10dB)
Frequency Step: 0.1/1/10/100/1000KHz
V.S.W.R. Range: 1.00-19.99
ZRX Range: 0-99.9
Build-in Battery : 3.7V 900mah ,Li-ion 14500
Voltage input : DC5V> 500mA 
Frequency stability: <0.5PPM
Span width: 0.54MHz/1.35MHz/2.7MHz/13.5MHz/27MHz/54MHz
Charger indicator:

 Two-color LED Hidden (when not charging) there

are three instructions state: 
1, charging (red) ;
2, charging is completed (green) 
3, Battery fault (flashing)

Charger Plug: Standard Micro USB connector
Size:  70 x 120 x 25 mm
Colour Display: TFT LCD 320 x 240 pixels



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