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Item Name: 100pcs x 200K ohm 3W 5% Carbon Film Resistor
USD 6.50
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Item Code: 0091-009-1008
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100pcs x 200K ohm 3W 5% Carbon Film Resistor



200K ohm 3W 5% Carbon Film Resistor

Wattage: 3W
Tolerance: 5%
Capacitance: 200K ohm
Total: 100 pcs

  • 100pcs x 200K ohm 3W 5% Carbon Film Resistor



1/8W (0.125w)Metal Film Resistor 1% (set/100pcs)

1ohm 1.2ohm 1.5ohm 1.8ohm 2ohm 2.2ohm 2.4ohm 2.7ohm 3ohm 3.3ohm
3.6ohm 3.9ohm 4.7ohm 5.1ohm 5.6ohm 6.2ohm 6.8ohm 7.5ohm 8.2ohm 9.1ohm
10ohm 12ohm 15ohm 18ohm 20ohm 22ohm 24ohm 27ohm 30ohm 33ohm
36ohm 39ohm 43ohm 47ohm 51ohm 56ohm 62ohm 68ohm 75ohm 82ohm
91ohm 100ohm 120ohm 130ohm 150ohm 180ohm 200ohm 220ohm 240ohm 270ohm
300ohm 330ohm 360ohm 390ohm 430ohm 470ohm 510ohm 560ohm 620ohm 680ohm
750 ohm  820ohm 910ohm 1k 1.2k 1.5k 1.8k 2k 2.2k 2.4k
2.7k 3k 3.3k 3.6k 3.9k 4.3k 4.7k 5.1k 5.6k 6.2k
6.8k 7.5k 8.2k 9.1k 10k 12k 15k 18k 20k 22k
24k 27k 30k 36k 33k 39k 43k 47k 51k 56k
62k 68k