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Item Name: SURECOM SR-112 simplex repeater Controller with Motorola talkabout
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USD 69.90
Item Code: 1x SR-112 +46-MT
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SURECOM SR-112 simplex repeater Controller with Motorola talkabout


SR-112 +46-MT

SR-112 Radio voice Repeater
SR-112 Radio record simplex repeater Controller

The SR-112 is a multi-function voice recorder device that connects to virtually any handheld, base, or mobile radio. It features exceptional voice recording quality and higher capacity than any other comparable device on the market.

Simplex Repeater
A simplex repeater records incoming transmissions and retransmits them on the same frequency. This has the effect of doubling the time required to transmit a message, but while a traditional repeater typically costs thousands of dollars and might be semi-portable at best, a simplex repeater can be set up with a single handheld radio and operated from batteries. This makes it perfect for disaster response, home or campground use, and any place where radio range needs to be extended but the cost and complexity of a traditional repeater can’t be justified.

Voice Mail
The SR-112 s voice mail function operates like a telephone answering machine,
allowing users to record messages for later retrieval.
Up to 3 incoming messages can be recorded, total recording  message  up to 180sec

Auto message send system
15/30/45 minutes  setting

Major Features
- 3 of message box for record 
- Auto Message send out at 15/30/45mins
-Up to 180 seconds total recording time
-DTMF remote control for all functions
-19.2 KHz sample rate for excellent voice clarity
-Operates from 14500 3.7V Li-ion or external 5-24 V DC supply
-build-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery support 72 hours long life operation
-User to change the DTMF remote control password by radio
-User set the Repeater Operates On/Off by DTMF
-Audio output adjustable in hardware and by remote command
-Audio in Level display
-Auto Battery level display (20%~100%)
-Provides audio Input  level display  ( for adj. best sound )
-Provides signal roger beep setting
-DTMF signal display
-Works with most popular CB,FRS, PMR, Amateur radios, Mobile Radio (optional of Cable)
-1 year warranty on complete unit, 5 years on flash memory


 Message Recording time:   180sec
 Build in 3.7V Li-ion Battery:   900MAH
 Ext.DC Jack 5.5/2.1mm:   DC5V~24V
 Standby Time:  180hours
 Standby current:   4mA
Work current: 20-30mA
 SIZE:   110×80×25mm
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Charge  Red Charge/ DC in
 Blue Full
Power  Red    flash Power on
 Blue flash  Sleep mode
Status  Red

 RX  Recording


 TX   send

Build in
Battery Life
 Red +Blue 100%
 Red 80%
 Blue 50%
 Red +blue Flash 40%
 Red Flash 30%
 Blue Flash 20%



Compatible Radio Models
Motorola MOTO TLKR T5, Talk about 270, 280, 289,
FR50, FR60, FV200, FV300, FV500, FV700, FV750,
FV800, T4500, T4800, T4900, T5000, T5100, T5146,
T5200, T5300, T5320,T5400, T5410, T5412, T5420,
T5422, T5432, T5500, T5512, T5522, T5532,
T5550, T5600






sr-112_9.jpg (600×262)



1 x SR112 Radio record simplex repeater Controller
1 x 100-240V power supply unit or ( DC Cable W/PSU)
1 x Radio connect cable(46- MT Cable)
1 x English Manual






SURECOM REPEATER Connect Cable (optional)

 Parts No. Fit Radio Model   
46-K 2 pin of Kenwood Baofeng PUXING WOUXUN QUANSHENG   Order 
46-M MOTOROLA :GP68, GP88S, GP308, GP350, GP2000....                More...  Order 
46-M+8-005 MOTOROLA:GP1280, GP140, GP320, GP328, GP329                  More...  Order 
46-M+8-001B MOTOROLA:GP328 Plus, GP338 Plus, GP344,                              More...  Order 
46-MT MOTOROLA Talkabout:FV800, T4500, T4800, T4900, T5000      More...  Order 
46-S2/S ICOM :IC-T7H ,IC-W32A,IC-F3, MIDLAND75-785, 75440, GTX-2 More...  Order 
46-Y YAESU FT-50,FT-60R,VXF-1,VX-1R, VX-2R. VX-3R,                       More...  Order 
46-Y7 YAESU: VX-7R  FT-270 ,FT-277 , HX-471 ,VX-6R/E , VX-7R /E      More...  Order 
Connect handheld Mobile radio   
46-GM MOTOROLA :GM-300 GM3188 GM360 GM950GM340....  Order 
48-K KENWOOD: TK-271,TK-88,TK-471,TK-768 TK-8100, TK-7150, TK-8150...  Order 
48+50-T1 TYT : TH-9000,TH-9000D,   WACCOM :  WM-9000,WM-9000D ,SURECOM :TH9000  Order 
48+50-Y1 YAESU :FT-8900,FT-7800,FT-8800,BAOJIE : BJ9900,TYT :TH-7800,TH-9800  Order 
48+50-B1 Baofeng(pofungBF-9500U  Order 
48+50-Q1 QYT: KT-UV980 ,   KT-8900R  Order 
48-QS SURECOM / QYT: KT-8900D ,   KT-7900D  Order
48-+50-S1 ICOM:  IC-2200H, IC-E208, IC-208H, IC-2100H,IC  Order 
48-+50-W1 WOUXUN :KG-UV920  Order 
  For D.I.Y  
48-PC1 for PC  Order 
46-C 40CM Cable w/socket for D.I.Y.  Order 
46-D 40CM Cable  for D.I.Y.  Order 

SURECOM Repeater controller with Cable for sales

 With Cable MODEL Fit SR-112 SR-328 SR-628 SR-629
No Cable      Order    
with  46-K Kenwood/china Order Order Order Order
with 46-M Motorola 2pin Order Order Order Order 
with 46-MT Motorola 1pin Order Order Order Order 
with 46-S/S2 ICOM/MIDLAND Order Order Order Order 
with 46-Y YAESU  Order Order Order Order
with 46-Y7 YAESU Order Order Order Order 
with 48-K1 Kenwood Order      
with 48-T1 TYT Order      
with 48-Y1 Yaesu Order      
with 48-49B Baofeng Order      
with 48-49S ICOM Order      
with 48-49W WOUXUN Order      

 6Pin RJ Mic Plug to Radio (PIN)
Parts No. Fit Model       2  3  4  6    
48+50-Y1   YAESU FT-8900,FT-7800       GND MIC PTT
 8Pin RJ Mic Plug to Radio (PIN)
Parts No. Fit Model  1 2 3 4 5 6 7  8
48+50-T1 TYT TH9000 GND PTT MIC                
 48+50-B1 BAOFENG BF9500 GND   MIC     PTT    
 48+50-Q1 QYT KT-980     GND PTT   MIC    
48+50-S1 ICOM IC-2200   GND MIC GND PTT      
48+50-W1 WOUXUN KG-920R MIC GND       PTT    

Surecom all model  Repeater controller function Compare

MODEL SR-112   SR-328        SR-628      SR-629
Message recording YES No Function
 Radio use   1
Control of audio Transfer  Echo reply Real time reply
Radio  A- RX  Control  to Radio  A- TX                          Radio  B-TX
Radio  B- RX  Control  to No Function Radio  A-TX
Mode select function  No Function YES 
Two mode select   No Function YES 
 Control function by DTMF  YES  No Function
Input Audio Level led display YES  No Function
Sleep mode  YES No Function
Build-Li-ion Battery  3.7V 900Mah  3.7V 600Mah
Battery LED: Charge/Full  RED / BLUE  RED /GREEN
SIZE 110 x 80 x 25mm  70 x 90 x 25mm
Weight 113g  90g
DC INPUT  + 5V-24V  + 5V
DC INPUT PLUG  5.5/2.1mm (Center pole +) Mirco USB

How to set function mode from SR-112/SR-328/SR-628/SR-629

FUNCTION  /  MODEL SR-112 SR-328 SR-628 SR-629
Repeat ## 71 No Function
  Press Red switch 2 sec.   by Switch
Mode select     No Function YES 
   A- RX    control to B-TX       mode 1  No Function DTMF PUSH PTT "##612" Switch to LEFT
    A- RX   control to  B-TX 
    B- RX   control to  A-TX     mode 2
No Function DTMF PUSH PTT "##613" Switch to RIGHT
SLEEP  mode on  PUSH PTT DTMF"##28888"  No Function

SLEEP  mode off 

PUSH PTT DTMF "##18888"  No Function



 Lightning Arrester : 
Duplexer  20W / 35W / 50W  

( Request High and Low frequency for Factory testing.
Please mark on paypal payment note )

 PCB for MOTOROLA GM300 Repeater Cable:
 Linear Power Amp:
Splitter :

768 update 4-9-2016


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