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Item Name: SR-328 Duplex Repeater Controller with YAESU VX-7R cable
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Item Code: SR-328 +2x46-Y7
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SR-328 Duplex Repeater Controller with YAESU VX-7R cable


Surecom SR-328 Duplex Repeater Controller With
Y 7  plug Radio connector Cable x 2 

sr-328_repeater sr-328_repeater sr-328_repeater sr-328_repeater surecom_repeater kenwood
surecom_repeater kenwood
surecom_repeater motorola
surecom_repeater motorola_gp88
surecom_repeater yaesu vx-3r

surecom_repeater yaesu vx-7r
surecom_repeater motorola gp328
surecom_repeater kenwood
surecom_repeater icom
surecom_repeater icom
surecom_repeater kenwood
surecom_repeater TYT

surecom_repeater ft-2800
surecom_repeater icom IC-2200H
surecom_repeater wouxun
surecom_repeater QYT
surecom_repeater baofeng


sr-328_repeater sr-328_repeater sr-328_repeater sr-328_repeater


Radio Range Extender,The SR-328 is a multi-function and cheaper device that connects any handheld or mobile radio.
By equipment and so on our assemble the build, the new generation trunk-line board, the internal structure design are finer, the outward appearance is more attractive. Besides can provide a  the basic repeater function which has following the receiver transmitter, furthermore has the Simple connection, provides the more ideal 2-way radio conversation region for you, causes you maintains the relation in the bigger operating region.

This  is a radio duplex repeater controller. It is an easy of operation and  cost effective and highly flexible platform for setting up bi-direction  band duplex repeater with mobile radio and handheld radio.  .

The SR-328 has 2 audio ports input and out , they are used to connect with mobile and handheld radio. DTMF remote control function with password protection is available in the . User can control the repeater ON or OFF remotely by DTMF. Multi-LED display 2 of radio status , and  build-in battery Level.

Feature & Specification

-Works with most popular handheld radios
-Multi- LED display 2 radio status , And controller Battery Level 
-Real time duplex repeater with link radio 
-Allows user to change the DTMF remote control password by radio  
-Operates on both build-in Li-ion battery 72 hours long life operation
-External DC 5~24V power supply 
-DTMF remote control repeater function ON and OFF with password protection
-Professional manufacturer low power consumption .


Connector Radio unit:


 Build in 3.7V Li-ion Battery:


 Ext.DC Jack 5.5/2.1mm:

 Standby Time:   180hours
 Standby Current:   4mA
Work Current: 20-30mA


Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Charge  Red                          Charge
 Blue                        Full
Power /TX Status  Red flash                      Power on / standby
  Blue                        Radio A RX  >  B TX
 blue flash       Sleep mode
Battery Life  4 of  Yellow LED  100%
 3 of Yellow LED 80%
 2 of Yellow LED 50%
 1 of Yellow LED 40%
Flash  of  Yellow LED 10-30%

















How to connector Radio :   
A Input  for Radio Received               B Input  for Radio Transmit  

1, The frequency difference between the upper and lower row forwards (and conventional repeater), A machine as a signal uplink receiver, B machine as a signal downlink transmitter. In order to achieve the purpose of the relay.


When the radio units are connected, the received signal on a radio unit will be real time transmit on the other radio unit.  , 

sr-328_35.jpg (600×600)

Example 1 . Without duplexer and filter
Not have a duplexer : two hand-held units connected to a relay station, such as unparalleled workers, two hand sets should be separately using two antennas! Two antennas should be perpendicular to erect! And try to pull the distance between the two! At least not less than 1-5 metre (suggest : the farther the better two distance are Two antenna  .)
 Radio relay stations in different frequency duplex mode, that is, after receiving the weak signal of a specific frequency emitted far, immediately after synchronization will amplify and transmit the signal power to use another frequency. Who had set up a relay station people are aware, if not diplexers, height and level with two receiving antennas erected distance does not separate, not meet the technical requirements, the relay station is either not working due to self-excited work, or is "call far." This is because the weak signal relay station forwards the signal power at the time, it would be forwarded "drown" the adjacent repeater receiver front-end is a strong signal "closed."

sr-328_12.jpg (600×787)

Example 2 . With duplexer
purchase the corresponding frequency / power duplexer using "the joint " of the two hand sets connected to the antenna output terminal of the duplexer transmitter and receiver, respectively, set the frequency corresponding to the handheld units (frequency should be consistent with the duplexer). Under diplexer case, the relay station as long as the need to connect an antenna! And no special attention when erecting antennas ! 

SR-328_15.jpg (600×395)
sr-328_11.jpg (600×330)

         e.g 1. This SR-328  connects Radio and Duplexer

Example 3 . With Filter
This SR-328  connects Radio and Filter


Package Contents

1 x SR328 Duplex Repeater Controller
1 x 100-240V USB power supply unit
1 x USB Power Cord
2 x Motorola/FDC / CHINA Radio connect cable


Cable fit for Model: 

Fit for Model:
YAESU : FT-270 ,FT-277 , HX-471 ,VX-6R/E , VX-7R /E , VX-120 , VX-127 ,VX-170 , VX-177 







 Sale SURECOM Repeater controller with Cable :

 Sell Cable  Comp SURECOM  MODEL + CABLE set.
     SR-112 SR-328 SR-628 SR-629
Cable Parts No. Compatible Radio Models   No Cable    
46-K 2 pin of Kenwood Baofeng PUXING WOUXUN QUANSHENG   +Cable +Cable +Cable +Cable
46-M   MOTOROLA :GP68, GP88S, GP308, GP350, GP2000.... +Cable +Cable +Cable +Cable 
46-MT   MOTOROLA Talkabout:FV800, T4500, T4800, T4900, T5000 +Cable +Cable +CAble +Cable 
 46-S2/S   ICOM :IC-T7H ,IC-W32A,IC-F3, MIDLAND75-785, 75440, GTX-2 +Cable +Cable +Cable +Cable 
46-Y   YAESU FT-50,FT-60R,VXF-1,VX-1R, VX-2R. VX-3R,  +Cable +Cable +Cable +Cable
46-Y7   YAESU: VX-7R  FT-270 ,FT-277 , HX-471 ,VX-6R/E , VX-7R /E +Cable +Cable +Cable +Cable 
46-GM   MOTOROLA :GM-300 GM3188 GM360 GM950GM340....            
48+50-k1   KENWOOD TK-271 TK-768Fit 8pin:TS-480    +Cable     +Cable 
48+50-T1   TYT TH9000 +Cable     +Cable 
 48+50-Y1    YAESU FT-8900,FT-7800,,MH-48  BAOJIE : BJ9900, TYT :TH-7800,TH-9800 +Cable     +Cable 
 48+50-B1   BAOFENG BF9500 +Cable     +Cable 
 48+50-S1   ICOM :HM-113 HM-103 : IC-2200  +Cable     +Cable 
 48+50-W1   WOUXUN KG-920R +Cable     +Cable 
 48+50-Q1   QYT: KT-980 ,KT-980PLUS ,SURECOM :S-KT-980PLUS ,S-KT-980PLUS       +Cable
48-QS   SURECOM / QYT: KT-8900D ,   KT-7900D        
48-PC1   for PC        
46-C   40CM Cable w/socket for D.I.Y.        
46-D   40CM Cable  for D.I.Y.        

Fit Mobile Radio Conect Detail : 

 6Pin RJ Mic Plug to Radio (PIN)
Parts No. Fit Model       2  3  4  6    
KENWOOD TK-271 TK-768 
Fit 8pin:TS-480,KMC-9C,KMC-30,KMC-32, KMC-35,
( 8 Pin modular Plug )TMG-707 TMD-700 TMD700A
TK90 ( see KMC-30 /32 /35 above )
YAESU FT-8900,FT-7800,FT-2600,FT-1500M,FTM-350AR

BAOJIE : BJ9900,
TYT :TH-7800,TH-9800
 8Pin RJ Mic Plug to Radio (PIN)
Parts No. Fit Model  1 2 3 4 5 6 7  8
TYT TH9000 GND PTT MIC                
BAOFENG BF9500 GND   MIC     PTT    
QYT: KT-980 ,KT-980PLUS
    GND PTT   MIC    
ICOM :HM-113 HM-103 : IC-2200 

IC2820,HM-133 IC-7000 
HM-98: IC-2800 
SM-25 SM-100/T: F320,F420,F1020,F2020,
WOUXUN KG-920R MIC GND       PTT    
N/A YAESU MH-25A8J,MH-67A8J,MD-11A8J,MH-59A8J,
VX-2000 VX-2500 VX-3000 ,
VX-3200 ,VX-4100 VX-4100E VX-4200 VX-4200E,
VXR-1000 VXR-7000
N/A YAESU MH-26G8J,MH-27G8J,FT-2400H,FT-2500M     PTT MIC GND      
N/A AnyTone AT-5189 GND PTT MIC GND        

Surecom all model  Repeater controller function Compare

MODEL SR-112   SR-328        SR-628      SR-629
Message recording YES No Function
 Radio use   1
Control of audio Transfer  Echo reply Real time reply
Radio  A- RX  Control  to Radio  A- TX                          Radio  B-TX
Radio  B- RX  Control  to No Function Radio  A-TX
Mode select function  No Function YES 
Two mode select   No Function YES 
 Control function by DTMF  YES  No Function
Input Audio Level led display YES  No Function
Sleep mode  YES No Function
Build-Li-ion Battery  3.7V 900Mah  3.7V 600Mah
Battery LED: Charge/Full  RED / BLUE  RED /GREEN
SIZE 110 x 80 x 25mm  70 x 90 x 25mm
Weight 113g  90g
DC INPUT  + 5V-24V  + 5V
DC INPUT PLUG  5.5/2.1mm (Center pole +) Mirco USB

How to set function mode from SR-112/SR-328/SR-628/SR-629

FUNCTION  /  MODEL SR-112 SR-328 SR-628 SR-629
Repeat ## 71 No Function
  Press Red switch 2 sec.   by Switch
Mode select     No Function YES 
   A- RX    control to B-TX       mode 1  No Function DTMF PUSH PTT "##612" Switch to LEFT
    A- RX   control to  B-TX 
    B- RX   control to  A-TX     mode 2
No Function DTMF PUSH PTT "##613" Switch to RIGHT
SLEEP  mode on  PUSH PTT DTMF"##28888"  No Function

SLEEP  mode off 

PUSH PTT DTMF "##18888"  No Function



 Lightning Arrester : 
Duplexer  20W / 35W / 50W  

( Request High and Low frequency for Factory testing.
Please mark on paypal payment note )

 PCB for MOTOROLA GM300 Repeater Cable:
 Linear Power Amp:
Splitter :

768 update 4-9-2016


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