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Item Name: WH1281 Wireless Weather Station Smart Weather indoor outdoor
USD 24.00
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Item Code: 0052-0016
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WH1281 Wireless Weather Station Smart Weather indoor outdoor



Wireless Weather Station Smart Weather indoor outdoor


Wireless weather station with remote sensor (100m range) provides accurate temperature readings for indoors and outdoors. It has loads of other features including weather forecaster based on barometer readings so it will give you an indication wether to take your sun hat or umbrella, when you leave the house. The SmartWeather will also store your record high and low temperatures, and feature as alarm calender and clock. Overall this is a great desktop gift for any occasion.

1) Indoor humidity (% RH)
2) Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature (F or C)
3) Records min. And max. Humidity
4) Records min. And max. Temperature
5) Weather forecast tendency arrow
6) Weather Forecast icons based on changing barometric pressure
7) Time and date with manual setting
8) Time Zone Setting
9) 12 or 24-hour time display
10) Perpetual calendar
11) Time alarm
12) Storm Alarm
13) Low battery indicator on the receiver
14) LED backlight
15) Wall hanging or free standing
16) Included transmitter WH3
17) Synchronized instant reception
18) 2 years battery life


1) Indoor humidity range: 20% to 99%
2) Wireless outdoor temperature range: -40 C to 65 C
3) Indoor temperature range: -9. 9 C to 80 C
4) Temperature accuracy / 1 1. 0 C
5) Transmission range: up to 100 meter (330 feet)
6) Transmission frequency: 433MHz

Power Requirements:
1) Receiver: 2 x AA alkaline batteries ( not included )
2) Wireless sensor: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included )

  • 1 x Outdoor remote sensor
  • 1 x Indoor LCD pannel



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Turkey & Belgium
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